References & Quotes
References & Quotes
Here you will find some formal and informal references I have received from some of my clients, along with a few specific quotes.  It hopefully gives you an idea of who I am and what I do, and more importantly how well I do it.  If you would like any more information on the references or quotes supplied here then please contact me and I can provide you with more details, or alternatively take a look at my LinkedIn profile as some of the references are posted there.


Client Quotes
"Thank you for all your enthusiasm, patience and forcefulness in achieving an outstanding result - A thorough professional"
IT Chief Architect - Investment Bank

"Your service both in quality and efficiency is second to none"
Application Support Manager

"Thanks for all your efforts! It's the best set-up I've ever seen"
Head of Operations - Investment Bank

"Thanks for everything during your extended time here ... the legacy of what you've helped implement is a credit to your professionalism and drive"
Service Delivery Manager

"I just wanted to drop you a personal note of thanks for all your hard work and commitment on this project. I have really appreciated your product expertise and support. I know that on occasions you had some aggressive targets and your good natured and positive approach has been a real bonus"
Project Manager - Financial Organisation

"Dave is one of the top OV guys out there"
Infrastructure Manager - Financial Organisation

"a great HP OpenView consultant"
Microsoft MVP BizTalk

"Dave has been an amazing help to me ... really got stuck in. Feeling much better about the support side thanks to his efforts"
Infrastructure Project Manager

"Thank you for all of your hard work & dedication ... , I know it hasn't been easy but your work has been much appreciated"
Project Manager

"It's been great working with you - not sure how we're going to manage without you to be honest!"
Oracle DBA

"You will be missed"
Application Support Manager

"Thanks for all your help over what was a very difficult project. Best of luck in the future"
Programme Manager

"We think you're doing an excellent job"
Unix/Databases Team Manager

"I want to let you know that I think you did a great job and that I think you are very good person"
 Enterprise Monitoring Team Member - BAA

"Great effort on the go-live, looks like all went well and everyone seems happy with it"
Project Manager - BAA

"It has been a real pleasure working with you, it will be fantastic if we could meet again. Thanks a lot for teaching me so much. I have learnt so much from you which probably would stay with me forever. Until we meet again…"
Enterprise Monitoring Team Member - Financial Organisation
Client Quotes


Client References
"It has been a pleasure to know and work with Dave. He is extremely capable in both technical and management roles. His vast knowledge of Openview is well recognised in the HP Openview community and his client list reads like a who's who of UK financial institutions."
Managing Director - UK

"Dave Gerrish brings a level of dedication and enthusiasm, to any project he gets involved with, that is rarely seen these days. Happy to take ownership of projects and run with them or be a core team member, Dave's expertise ranges from HP Openview to various databases to multiple operating systems to web based technologies and by no means is limited to these. Dave understands what a business needs from its IT solution and simply delivers, time and again. If you get the chance to bring Dave on board for a project jump at it - he will not disappoint."
Senior Oracle Consultant - UK

"Dave is an accomplished HP OpenView Global Systems Management Architect with well over 12 years experience in the field. He is one of the most experienced Systems and Operations Management consultants for HP based solutions in the UK. He also has vast experience in delivering Systems and Operations Management solutions in an IT Service Management context, where integration with different ITSM systems is required. He has strong technical, consultative and people skills and can communicate at all levels. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him."
Process Consultancy Manager - UK

"David is an extremely competent and focused individual with a wealth of experience in implementing complex business requirements. I worked with David on one of the most challenging implementations at ... and despite many obstacles and interdepartmental issues David was able to keep his focus on delivering world class systems management capability for ... As a person I found David very approachable friendly and willing to share insights and knowledge at any time. It was a pleasure to have known and worked with such a person and I look forward to working with him again."
Infrastructure Project Manager - UK

"I was very happy to work together with David on a very challenging project during which there were so many elements new or unknown to everyone. He was more than capable of handling every problem and issue in a very professional and competent way. His interactions with every other member of the team was very good and I could certainly say he is capable to be a key player in any position, team or project he is part of. He is one of the few people I would certainly love to have working for or with me on any project at any time."
Project Manager - UK

"David is dedicated to his work to completing the tasks assigned, and most times he took the lead to complete the work and drive other people along. It was a pleasure to work with him and I will miss our F1 discussions."
Project Manager - UK

"I have worked with Dave over the past year 2009 while he upgraded HP OVO and also HP SD integration around auto-ticketing. Dave has a wealth of knowledge around HP Tools and creates detailed yet simple implementation plans. Dave is focused and helpful, always professional and has a straight forward approach to documentation and operational training / procedures. I would work with Dave again and recommend him on future projects."
Operational Support Team Leader - UK

"Through his in-depth knowledge of HPOV, David assisted us greatly in providing monitoring for a new generation of deployment environments for the web. He showed us how to integrate other management and monitoring tools so that we were able to create alerts from a range of systems and manage the thresholds in a number of ways. Above all David showed professionalism at all times."
Web Configuration Team Leader - UK

"David is a very competent person who gets the job done with the minimal amount of info I give him! I am very pleased to work with David."
Application Support Team Leader - UK

"I had the pleasure of working along side David during the project I was working on at ...; David was always extremely helpful and knowledgeable, I would highly recommend him."
IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler Consultant - UK

"I've worked with David purely on technical support issues he very rarely logs cases but when he does you know that it will be both serious and complex, as he does not give up easily. Very easy to get on with it has been a pleasure working with him and I hope to do again in the future. I recommend David highly."
Technical Support Consultant - UK

"I have worked with David now for nearly three years. He is very clear and Professional about his approach and very thorough in every engagement. He is very knowlegeable in HP Software Solutions. It's always a pleasure to hear from and work with David."
Director of Business Development EMEA & APAC

"Firstly, let me point out that it has been no easy task deploying what David has been working on within ... I have found David to be well skilled and knowledgeable in what has been asked of him; able to go the extra mile; diligent, assertive where needed and a ‘jolly good egg’ overall. I would without hesitance call upon his services again."
Datacentre Manager - UK

"Dave is a pleasure to work with, and someone you can always rely on to deliver. His professional approach, technical expertise and helpful & proactive manner will make him an asset to any IT operation."
Infrastructure Design Manager - UK

"I worked with Dave at ... and between us we managed to implement a very good capability for monitoring BizTalk with HP Openview. Dave is very knowledgable about OVO and systems in general and was able to quickly implement our monitoring requirements which were a vast improvement on the HP Openview SPI for BizTalk. If I ever have to monitor BizTalk with HP Openview Dave is the guy I would recommend."
BizTalk Architect/Consultant (Microsoft MVP) - UK

"David has an expert understanding of Enterprise Systems Management and even more importantly, how to develop and implement effective ESM solutions in real-life operational environments."
Project Manager - UK

"David was employed by BAA as Lead Technical Architect for the implementation of HP OpenView Operations and related performance products. His role was to guide the technical design and drive forward the installation to operational readiness and successful handover to the support team. David proved himself to be a capable, motivated and dedicated professional. I have no doubt that it was his dedication and support that ensured that the project was implemented and transitioned successfully and on time. I have no hesitation in recommending David's services."
Enterprise Systems Management Support Manager - BAA - UK

"David is a great asset for Infrastructure Monitoring on large scale enterprise architectures, he is someone you can trust to deliver. He is very hard working and a pleasure to work with."
Technical Architect - BAA - UK

"David worked for me in the deployment of HP Openview Operations to our Unix Environment. He is a dedicated and hardworking professional whose focus is on a deploying workable and supportable solution for his clients, and is more than willing to put in the effort over and above his core hours to obtain that aim. He quickly established good working relationships, both within the team and in the wider community to which he has to interface. He also contributed many new and constructive ideas and concepts to the project which helped to meet the requirements for a scalable and supportable system. In addition to his technical abilities I can also commend David’s abilities in putting together usable support documentation that allows junior members of staff to both operate and support the system going forward."
Enterprise Monitoring Team Manager - Financial Organisation - UK

"I got a chance to work with Dave during my work tenure with ... . In the initial time when I joined the EMS team..., there was no standard setup in place for EMS/Monitoring tools (like HP Openview, NNM, etc.) for server/NW devices/services monitoring. It was the time when top IT management of the company had taken an initiative to roll-out a standard EMS/Monitoring tools setup and to carry out all IT escalation via Data-Center and NOC people. No doubt, this was a great step to fill the long awaited gap in managing the fast growing IT infra of the company. Higher IT management chose Dave among various available options as independent IT consultant based on various qualitative factors. Dave worked with our team for near about 6 months. He delivered the project very successfully, in total it was a great experience working with him. Following are few core competency of Dave which I think are great asset to any senior level IT consultant. 1) He has vast knowledge in framing requirement (Business to IT and vice-versa) 2) Experience of delivering complex EMS projects within deadline. 3) Excellent documentation skills. 4) Excellent handling of parallel work and communication with different IT teams. I wish him all the best, keep doing good work!"
Enterprise Monitoring Team Member - Financial Organisation - India

"I recommend David highly, and especially his ability to work under tight deadlines. He possesses excellent technical and administrative skills to perform the role within the organization."
Systems Analyst - Financial Organisation - India

"I had the pleasure of working with David whilst he was delivering a system requiring complex HP OpenView integration. I always found David's warm nature great to work with and gained considerable knowledge from him in the time spent with the team. I would recommend David in any situation where customer facing skills and quality outcomes are important."
Systems Management Consultant - Barclays Capital - UK

"David was employed by ... as an Enterprise Management Consultant. He was a key member of a project team responsible for the delivery of a major relocation and technology upgrade in very aggressive timescales. During his time here he quickly established himself as a team player and was widely respected for his professionalism and technical ability. David was directly responsible for the successful design, development and implementation of both the technical and ongoing operational solution. His integrity was never in doubt and I would not hesitate to use or recommend his services in future."
IT Director - Investment Bank - UK

"David delivered a first class solution that met and exceeded expectation. I found him to be reliable, hard working and dedicated to his technology. If I ever had to deliver an HP OpenView Enterprise Monitoring solution again, David would be my first choice."
Unix, Windows & Database Team Leader - Cazenove Investment Bank - UK

"Dave's an excellent IT professional, a self motivator who strives to ensure that the work he provides is of a high standard and meets all the requirements which have been set. He often pushes the requirements to ensure that all possibilities are being monitored for and that simple and effective instructions are delivered to the right people and that automated remediation takes place where appropriate. Dave continues to remain interested and in touch well after the his contract completed and has occasionally provided advice when we had no right to ask. Personally I would re-hire Dave in an instant and would recommend his work."
Unix Team Manager - Cazenove Investment Bank - UK

"David is the consummate professional. He understands the needs of his clients, listens to their requests and finds the appropriate solutions to meet those needs. He's honest, trustworthy and understands the details, while taking a balanced viewpoint. He is able to handle even the most complex problems with ease, and cope with extreme pressure. The project we worked on was a data centre move, which had tight deadlines, and senior management attention, Dave was highly regarded for the great service he provided and he delivered to a very high standard. I highly recommended David and would happily work with him again."
System Manager - Cazenove Investment Bank - UK

"David joined Cazenove after two prior HP OpenView consultants had been fired. The 20 Moorgate DataCentre Project had very aggressive timescales and Cazenove's management were not willing to gamble on personnel. David managed the implementation professionally and delivered on time, on budget and earned the respect of his colleagues and senior management within the project."
SAN Storage Manager - Cazenove Investment Bank - UK

"I found it great working with Dave to produce a new clean sheet design for platform management. A professional and technically competent member of the team. i would have no hesitation in recommending Dave to any prospective employer."
Infrastructure Architect - Cazenove Investment Bank - UK

"It was my privilege to work with Mr. David Gerrish over a period of one year, in my position of Telecommunications & Network Manager with ... Dave was tasked with specification, implementation, integration of HP OpenView systems in London and Singapore. These systems were based on the newest versions available at that time, and such we anticipated, and indeed encountered, numerous implementation issues. The project was concluded successfully and this was entirely due to Dave's commitment and diligence on the project. The aspects of Dave's personality, and approach to our project, which most impressed me were: friendly and cheerful nature (if kept fed!), demonstrating greater commitment, and enthusiasm, to the project than was exhibited by either ... or ..., tremendous self-motivation, requiring no prompting from the 'managers' to achieve objectives and move on to the next task, an innovative approach required to successfully implement a global NMS system of this type, good early comprehension of our network infrastructure (a state-of-the-art ATM design pioneered by ...), including requirements and the overall scope of the project, a willingness to accept comment and criticism positively, unparalleled knowledge of HP OpenView software and associated products. I would be very happy (and intend) to employ Dave's services again."
Global Telecoms & Network Manager - CIBC - UK & Singapore

"David Gerrish was engaged ... as a senior Network Management specialist to assist in the tactical implementation of a new set of network and system management tools. This project was successfully achieved within an aggressive timeframe ensuring reliable and high availability network services to enable electronic trading to external broker organisations. David made a significant contribution to the team, providing extensive experience from previous implementations with HP OpenView. His primary role was ensuring the network management system was successfully configured for production support and operations teams .... The implementation team enjoyed working with David as he willingly shared his technical knowledge and expertise. David proactively initiated activities and deliverables which effectively contributed to the team's skills transfer. I look forward to future opportunities working with David, and have no hesitation in providing this reference and recommending him to future organisations."
Project Manager - Australian Stock Exchange - Australia

"David was responsible for installing and configuring the HP OpenView software ... David worked to strict timescales on the project and delivered all that was required in the short space of time allocated (and in between flights!). David's additional tasks were to provide training and documentation to the staff so that they felt confident to manage their network effectively. This was done to the satisfaction of all parties. David has extensive knowledge of HP OpenView and works 100% towards delivering these solutions to the end client. I am happy to recommend his services to anyone and hope to take advantage of working with him again in the near future."
Project Manager - HP - Lithuania

"Dave's key role within the team was to provide advice on Network Management both internally ... and to ... customer base. This was achieved in a professional manner using documentation in the form of consultancy reports on Network Management studies for the customer, on-site training and consultancy. He has also transferred skills to core team members. He is respected by both his peers and customers for his detailed knowledge of Network Management applications and platforms and works well with other team members. I have always found Dave to be tenacious and hard working, giving 100% to get a job finished."
Project Manager - Unisys - UK

"A true consultant! Having lack of skilled staff during the holidays, we engaged David Gerrish for a specific installation job regarding an HP OpenView set-up from scratch on a mission-critical HP9000 UX server in just one week. Having a consultant to work for you for the first time on such a delicate job, was an ultimate test. David's professionalism and eagerness to do a good job made this week a smooth and pleasant working experience. Throughout planning, design, additional suggestions and, as always, change management, David proved to be a true consultant, who teamed up 100% with the rest of us while providing a remarkable consolidated software implementation and set-up. David has our highest recommendations."
Project Manager - eterra - Denmark

"I had the pleasure of working with Dave at a relatively early stage in my career development and I found him to be both excellent and liberal at imparting his knowledge. It was evident to me a decade ago that Dave had a very in-depth knowledge of the HP OpenView suite of products and his CV since then indicates that his knowledge can only have gone from strength to strength. Dave gets my wholehearted recommendation. "
Network Engineer - Unisys - UK
Client References

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